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Legally “hack” into your prospect’s brain [Video]

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I know you’re confused about how to market your business and get more customers.

It seems like every “guru” has a newfangled way to get more customers – either via social media, content marketing, or posting videos on YouTube. They promote it like it’s some kind of a “magic wand” that’s going to solve all your business worries.

The problem is that these are just different types of MEDIA. And most businesspeople are running around with their heads cut off—thinking that just using “the Internet” or “Social Media” will solve all their business worries.

The truth is this: you need a governing system…a set of proven fundamentals…and a fail-safe navigation SYSTEM you can use as a reliable foundation that works regardless of the type of media you select.

GKIC Founder Dan Kennedy founded the “Magnetic Marketing” philosophy 25 years ago, and he has personally led “ordinary” businesspeople to massive fortunes thanks to this simple system.

And he’s going to reveal an important component of the Magnetic Marketing philosophy in this free video:

Click here to watch.

You’ll discover:

  • How to attract your ideal customers, clients, and patients so you don’t have to deal with people who don’t respect you.
  • How to systematize your marketing to make it more consistent and repeatable so you can finally hop off the dreaded “income rollercoaster” that constantly has you on pins and needles every month.
  • The powerful force you need to harness in every single ad you put out there. Best part, it only takes a couple lines, but it could as much as double your response.
  • The hidden cost of failure in all of advertising and marketing, and how to overcome it. The majority of businesses are hemorrhaging money because of this.
  • How one of Dan’s clients ignored what the “mainstream” gurus were teaching him—and still made $13 for every $1 he invested in marketing (he subsequently fired all “non-essential” staff!)
  • How to legally “hack” into your prospect’s brain and figure out their innermost desires, wants, and needs. (This is where most advertising and marketing falls short).
  • …and a whole LOT more!

This video will make your advertising and marketing more compelling and POWERFUL because you’re tailoring your marketing message for what your target audience actually wants (NOT what you THINK they want).

And you’ll be able to implement your next marketing campaign with confidence because you’re implementing the Six Golden Keys Of Marketing that’s as proven as gravity.

So now’s the time to get a little more certainty and a sense of direction in your marketing vs. relying on sending out “emergency” promotions when your pipeline gets empty. Click to watch Dan’s latest video here.

To your marketing success,

Mike Kowalski
President & Founder
Automated Marketing Solutions

P.S. – Look, Dan Kennedy is about as legit as you can get. He’s been in the marketing game for 43+ years and has crafted marketing campaigns in 136 industries. Even today’s experts (including me…) tip their caps to Dan and what he’s meant to the marketing and advertising field. Here’s your chance to hear from the “Godfather” of marketing himself.


Dan Kennedy on The 6 Golden Keys to Magnetically Attract the Right Prospects and Customer Leads to You

We’ve all done it.

We’ve all taken on customers and clients who were cheapskates, tire-kickers, “looky-loos” or just unpleasant to be around because we didn’t have our lead and customer pipeline full enough.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN target and attract an abundance of your ideal customer cost effectively and affordably thanks to a marketing system that has made “ordinary” business people rich, relaxed and happy for the past 25 years.

The “Marketing Mastermind” Dan Kennedy – founder of GKIC – has just released a new training video that tells you how to attract your ideal customer, and repel the duds and tire kickers that simply waste your time.

Click here to watch this complimentary video.


You’ll discover:

  • The “6 Golden Keys of Magnetic Marketing” that have withstood the test of time-through several presidencies, many economies, and implemented by business people in multiple industries and categories.
  • What you need to do to invoke your prospect to take action in every single advertisement (Nope you can’t just say, “Come on in…” and that’s that).
  • The powerful force you need to harness in every single ad you put out there. The best part is it only takes a couple lines, and it could as much as double your response.
  • The hidden cost of failure in all of advertising and marketing, and how to overcome it. 95% of all businesses are hemorrhaging money because of this.
  • How to legally & ethically “hack” into your prospect’s brain and figure out their innermost desires, wants, and needs. (This is where most advertising and marketing falls short).
  • How one client made $13 for every $1 they invested in advertising without falling for the latest popular ideas, methods, or fads. No need to be an “early adopter” when tried-and-rue strategies that have withstood the test of time still work, and can be easily and legally copied for your marketing.
  • …and a whole LOT more!

Watching this video will give you CLARITY regarding whom you should target and how to affordably get your message out there so you can attract an abundance of your ideal customers.

And ignoring it (by not clicking on this link) means you’re willing to conform to what the majority of business people do, which means you’ll be prohibited from rising above the average income the majority of business people earn.

So now’s the time to get smart and sophisticated about selection, discrimination, and target marketing so you can “clone” and attract your ideal customers, clients, and patients.

Register for GKIC’s free training here.

To your marketing success,
Mike Kowalski
President & Founder
Automated Marketing Solutions

It’s never been easier to attract leads, sift and sort qualified prospects and automate your follow up! GET ACCESS TO MONEY MAKING STRATEGIES, TIPS & WEBINARS!


Free Video Training with Dan Kennedy

I guarantee that what within minutes of watching the free training video below, you’re going to realize that it goes “against the grain” of most of the marketing gurus out there, and most importantly how right it is.

That’s because GKIC founder Dan Kennedy—author of 27 books and the self-titled “Professor of Harsh Reality” just released a free training on the three building blocks that will teach you how to get your ideal customer to magnetically come to YOU.

Click here to watch this free training today.

Magnetic Marketing







You see, Dan Kennedy has been in the marketing game for 43+ years and has worked for clients in 136 different industries. He is a serial entrepreneur who regularly gets paid $100,000+ for a copy project and $19,900 for a consulting day.

He relies on this system he’s about to reveal to you as much as gravity and oxygen.   That means, even if you only implement 1 idea of what he’s going to reveal to you, you’ll still be way ahead of the game.

This sure beats listening to those ad vultures and Yelp representatives who keep bugging the heck out of you—trying to sell you advertising space.

Dan’s system allows you to reliably and affordably attract your ideal customers without wasting money on advertising you cannot measure—like image and brand advertising.

You’ll discover:

  • How to cut the fat and waste from your advertising and hold every dollar you spend accountable so you can get reliable and predictable results.
  • 10 questions you must answer if you want to cut through the clutter and noise of your marketplace (this is about discovering what makes you unique).
  • The 3 “building blocks” of a reliable marketing system that’ll allow you to affordably reach your ideal customer.
  • How to rescue yourself from the “grunt work” of cold calling and cold prospecting and only deal with prospects who are already pre-disposed to doing business with you.
  • The blunt, unvarnished TRUTH about local ad representatives and marketing “consultants” who constantly pester you to plunk down a bunch of money for uncertain results (Heads up, this will tick a lot of people off!).

Remember, what Dan is about to teach you is as proven as gravity. While some “experts” are currently teaching outdated and outmoded advice, Dan has been “in the trenches” for the past 43+ years practicing what he preaches.

He sells millions of dollars of products and services every year in his own businesses, has hundreds of clients in diverse industries, and his “sleeves rolled up” involved in “doing it” day in and day out.

Plus this isn’t “seminar room” stuff that disintegrates when exposed to the stiff winds and the harsh light of the real world. The lessons you’ll discover are 100% real-world, successful, and current experienced-based. No theory here.

So if you want to hear from the “Godfather of Marketing” Dan Kennedy…the person that I, along with many of my peers and experts in the industry look up to, then click here.

To your Marketing success,

Mike Kowalski
President & Founder
Automated Marketing Solutions

P.S. - Best part? This training will help you attract prospects and customers that already know you, like you, trust you, and are already predetermined to do business with you. This sure beats working with people who you don’t like and respect.

Life’s too short to struggle just to get enough customers, clients, and patients through the door. Let Dan Kennedy relieve your anxiety, worry, and stress for free by watching this training video.

P.S.S. - It’s never been easier to attract leads, sift and sort qualified prospects and automate your follow up! GET ACCESS TO MONEY MAKING STRATEGIES, TIPS & WEBINARS!


How To Cut Through The Clutter Of Your Marketplace

The hardest thing to do is to stand out from the crowd when you decide to go into business.

But, most people in any industry or profession are just “me-too” marketers. They just copy what everyone else does and falsely assume that, if everyone else is doing it, then it must be right.

Well, my mentor Dan Kennedy – author of 27 books and the highest paid marketing consultant and copywriter in the world – begs to differ.

He just released a no cost training that’ll answer the most pressing question that’s in your prospect’s heads…

“Why Should I Choose You Versus Any And Every Other Provider Of The Same Product or Service?”

Click to find out here.

Dan Kennedy's Magnetic Marketing

The best part? The training is several minutes long and he takes you through 10 questions you must ask yourself in order to position your business as the “go-to” business in your area, industry, or niche.

This training will put you on your way toward possessing tools and reliable marketing SYSTEMS that provide all the business you want – without anxiety, worry, or stress.

Why should you listen to Dan Kennedy? In addition to what I mentioned above, Dan is one of the highest paid direct marketing consultant and copywriters living today with a private client list that includes the who’s who of marketing gurus, business owners and billion dollar companies like Guthy-Renker. If these successful people are paying the big bucks for his time, think what you will gain from this free video training.

Any marketing plan he’s ever devised for any clients has been based on the strategies you’re about to discover in this video. This includes clients who pay $100,000 or more for marketing campaigns and over $19,900 for a single day of consulting.

It’ll allow you to help kick-start the process of finding or creating something unique in your business that’ll help you stand out from the competition and cut through the clutter of your marketplace.

You’ll also discover:

  • The ONLY marketing system that has helped “ordinary” small business owners and sales professionals with NO experience and NO marketing knowledge create compelling marketing without outside help…
  • Why your local “ad vultures” are dead wrong regarding how to market your business (you might as well take your advertising dollars and flush them down the toilet!)…
  • How to eliminate cold calling and cold prospecting and be seen as a friend, ally and trusted advisor by your prospect vs. an annoying pest. (In fact, cold calling should be on your hate list!)…
  • How to get your ideal prospects to come to you like moths to a flame, vs. having to go out and “chase” them.  These customers are already pre-disposed to do business with you!

But, I will warn you: what you’re about to discover is contrary to what you’ve probably read about in books and courses. Dan doesn’t mince words, and he tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way with his “No B.S.” style.

If you can stomach Dan’s business truths, this video could radically alter how you acquire customers, clients, and patients—and boost your sales and profits.

So click here and watch the training now.

To your marketing success,

Mike Kowalski
President & Founder
Automated Marketing Solutions

P.S. - What makes you stand out from the pack that you can exploit in your marketing? For Dominoes, it was originally being at your house at 30 minutes or less. For FedEx it was overnight shipping. Click here to see how this video can help you determine yours.

P.S.S. - It’s never been easier to attract leads, sift and sort qualified prospects and automate your follow up! GET ACCESS TO MONEY MAKING STRATEGIES, TIPS & WEBINARS!


Hotlines: How To Make Money Using Them

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When it comes to using toll free recorded message hotlines in Real Estate, AMS has recruited our best advocate, Rick Brash.  Rick has been a Craig Proctor Real Estate Agent Coach for over eight years now and on this webinar he gives you the importance of the AMS hotlines and moreso, how to make money using them within the Craig Proctor System.

Show Me How To Make Money With My Hotline!

On this particular training session, Rick covered:

  • How he has become a master of replicating and teaching Craig Proctor’s Fundamental Real Estate Marketing Lessons
  • How studying and knowing your MLS and YOUR local market will help you by giving the prospect EXACTLY what they want
  • The way to generate Grade “A” leads with meaningful conversations using the hotline system
  • And lots more!!

I’m Ready To Get Started!

We look forward to having you listen in on our call.

- Mike Kowalski
Automated Marketing Solutions

P.S. – It’s never been easier to attract leads, sift and sort qualified prospects and automate your follow up! GET ACCESS TO FREE REAL ESTATE MONEY MAKING STRATEGIES, TIPS & WEBINARS!


How To Lead & Live A Disappointing Life (Told No, At Every Turn)

Duck, duck, oops. By now, the Ducky Dynasty controversy sparked by patriarch Phil’s raggedly voiced, Biblical based anti-gay answer to a GQ MAGAZINE interviewer’s question is old news. I wrote this when it was dominating media. A&E pretended they were shocked, despite a record on Phil’s beliefs dating back at least ten years. That same week, a PR person (of all things) 146-charactered a tweet taken as racist by many and stupid by many more when waiting to board a flight, and she was publicly, “loudly” fired before the flight landed. Anybody with any business, brand, career, money or reputation to protect who tweets at all is dumber than a pile of manure. But these days, people like ‘ol Phil have to be “on guard” at all times or know they put their empires at risk by voicing their opinions. My speaking colleague of many years, Zig Ziglar, once had exactly the same position on this item as Phil, but never, to my knowledge, pushed it as in-artfully. Nor would he have agreed to be interviewed by GQ. (Reminds of President Jimmy Carter’s asinine agreement to being interviewed in Playboy, where he made a remark that created a firestorm at the time.) Whatever you think about Phil’s statements, you should know that your opinions or beliefs are every bit as offensive to a whole lot of folks. A society where opinion is dangerous is a dangerous society indeed. Of course, Phil and his family are rich, they have militantly loyal and enthusiastic fans, and this may wind up making them richer, not poorer. He handled it perfectly.

Several people sent me Phil’s book, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, as a gift, and in it I found a story, that is absolutely typical and representative of two truths behind most Renegade Millionaires. One, what my friend Glenn W. Turner called “being intelligently ignorant” – too dumb to know something can’t be done, and doing it, often to the shock, dismay, and occasionally, rage of “smarter” folks. Second, living undeterred by being told “No”. So, here’s how Phil “cracked” Wal-Mart for his duck calls…

“So, one day I pulled my old truck in front of the first Walmart I saw, walked in, and said, ‘Hey, how many of these duck calls do you want here?’ The clerk laughed and told me, ‘We don’t buy duck calls. Son, you need to go to Bentonville.’ (Walmart corporate headquarters). I drove down the road and tried the next few Walmart stores.…finally, one of the store managers said, ‘You got an order form?’ ‘Nah, I just figured you could pay me out of petty cash.’ ‘Well, I’ve got a 3-part form I need to fill out,’ he said. ‘I’ll try six of them.’ When that store manager filled out his 3-part form with WALMART at the top and wrote down ‘six duck calls’, I walked out looking at my copy and thought – I’ve got me something here. When I got to the next Walmart, I showed the store manager the form and told him, ‘Walmart’s stocking duck calls. This last store ordered six.’ He said, ‘Give me what you’ve got.’

AMS is extending our readers a very special FREE GIFT…
Claim Your Gift TODAY!

Eventually, Phil had sold $25,000.00 worth into Walmart stores. Finally, the chief buyer at corporate called and wanted to know how this had happened, and Phil told him. The buyer said, “Let me get this right. You mean to tell me you’ve been driving around in your pick-up truck and convincing our sporting goods departments to buy your duck calls without even conferring with me, who’s supposed to be doing the buying for the whole Walmart chain?” To his credit, the buyer gave Phil a letter officially authorizing him to keep doing what he’d been doing and okaying store managers’ purchasing. About a year later, Phil finally went to Bentonville. Storewide sales averaged $500,000 a year for 20 years, and opened doors at Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, etc., and went a long way to making Phil and his family rich. How many Phil’s do you think accept the first no?

This mirrors the story of Kenneth Cole, and the way he launched his shoe company – which I’ve told often. Everything else swirling around Phil now is irrelevant. Just focus on this specific aspect of his thinking and behavior: that normal and customary ways of doing things are for other people. This is how big things get done and big money gets made. Most environments – Walmart included – have a bureaucratic rule book in place, bureaucrat keepers of the rules; a stultifying process that preserves their power and deliberately renders all others supplicants. Most everybody accepts this, most are confounded by it, some fight their way through it like the lone cat of the six stuffed into the same burlap sack tied shut and dumped into the water trough, who claws and bites and fights his way out. (This has long been a common form of population control of cats on farms.) A few people refuse to accept this. A few ignore it, out of intelligent ignorance, renegade nature, and an instinctive or conscious recognition that being in a tied-shut sack with competitors, submerged in water, and fighting to be the only one to survive is an undesirable game, even for the victor. A whole lot of what I’ve done, do and teach about marketing, selling, entrepreneurship is all about never getting into or being put into the sack with the other cats, submerged in water.

At every turn, the person of accomplishment and wealth was and continues to be told “No”, “You Can’t” and “That’s Not How It’s Done Around Here”. Metaphysical-leaning thought leaders teach that this is how “the Universe” tests the truth and depth of each individual’s desire: a long line ahead of them, in front of a thick, wood door with no bell, through which timid knocking is never heard, and to which a few react: why bother with the damn door at all? Test of character and will or simple fact of life, you can decide. But life is most profoundly and consistently disappointing for those who honor bureaucracy, who accept No.

NOTE: To receive over $800 worth of powerful marketing tools & Resources to free you from the exhausting chase of customers, clients or patients

simply click the link or the image below.

Give me FREE Money-Making Articles

DAN S. KENNEDY is a serial, multi-millionaire entrepreneur; highly paid and sought after marketing and business strategist; advisor to countless first-generation, from-scratch multi-millionaire and 7-figure income entrepreneurs and professionals; and, in his personal practice, one of the very highest paid direct-response copywriters in America. As a speaker, he has delivered over 2,000 compensated presentations, appearing repeatedly on programs with the likes of Donald Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies), and many other celebrity-entrepreneurs, for former U.S. Presidents and other world leaders, and other leading business speakers like Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins, often addressing audiences of 1,000 to 10,000 and up. His popular books have been favorably recognized by Forbes, Business Week, Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine. His NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, one of the business newsletters published for Members of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, is the largest paid subscription newsletter in its genre in the world.

You Can Still Use Toll Free Hotlines on Craigslist Ads

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Welcome to this week’s marketing minute tip.

Well the rules have changed and for Realtors who do a lot of advertising on Craigslist, the rules going forward will be a little different than what we are used to.

To start with they have taken away the use of hotlinks in the ad. They have taken away the privilege of putting a domain name in the ad. And if you think you can get away with it don’t waste your time. They have monitoring software in place and if your ad doesn’t meet with the rules and regulations your ad will be gone, easy as that!

Craigslist has been a fairly good way to generate on line leads over the years so this situation has presented itself as a real roadblock for some. The AMS toll free recorded hotline is a great solution to this dilemma. Lots of people will not put a hotline number in an online ad feeling that if the prospect is going online for information, they certainly wouldn’t go offline to a toll free number for the information they are looking for. Well in this case, and with these new restrictions where the ad is no longer allowed to redirect to a landing page, the CTA would be to direct the prospect to call into the toll free recorded message hotline.

And if that isn’t simple enough, if the prospect is calling from their mobile device, the mobile enhanced hotline feature can send the prospect a text message while they are listening to your voice script, that directs them to a url in which you can provide more information to them online and gather more information from them.

In the case of real estate, your ad must be property specific. Your headline will have a huge bearing on how effective your ad will be. Remember it’s the headline’s job to sell the ad and then use the toll free hotline as your Call To Action.

By changing up your game plan slightly, using this sound and proven hotline technology you too can continue to advertise on Craigslist!

P.S – To Learn More CLICK HERE To book a no-obligation consultation call with us NOW!


8 Solid Reasons Toll Free Recorded Message Hotlines are a Great Lead Capture Tool

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Welcome to this week’s marketing minute tip.

Today I’m going to share nine ways Toll-Free Recorded Message Hotlines capture qualified leads for you. In case you thought you knew all there was to know about recorded message hotlines and what they can do for you, check out the following to be sure.

Are you using your own toll-free number? Statistics show that callers are three times more likely to call a toll-free number than a local number, and with your own number you are secure in knowing you won’t lose your prospect to someone else.

Can your system handle multiple callers at the same time? Multiple callers should be able to listen to your scripts at the same time, so you don’t have to worry about prospects ever getting a busy signal.

Do you have on-line statistical reporting? Can you access detailed and updated reports of the activity on your hotline through a web interface?

Do you have message notification? A system that can text or email you with call details as soon as someone listens to a script on your hotline or leaves you a message, so you can respond to your leads while they’re still hot.

Are you using a Find Me Transfer? Increase your flexibility with a hotline that can be set up so callers can be automatically transferred to you if they wish by simply pressing 0.

Do you use professionally recorded proven scripts? These are a good way to give your professional image a boost and make sure the right message is consistently delivered to your prospects every time.

Are you using transcription services? You can save yourself a lot of time and toll charges by having your messages professionally transcribed and emailed to you every week day morning.

Are you able to automatically send a short text message to your prospect while they listen to one of your scripts? Perhaps the price of the house they’re calling about or a url sending them to a page that gives them more information and gets them to fill an opt in form that gives you more specifics of what they are looking for.

These are just a few of the many features and benefits of our Toll Free Recorded Message Hotlines. Kind of makes you wonder why you aren’t using one.

If you would like to learn more about the Marketing Strategy we reviewed today or learn more about this or any of the other AMS products and services be sure to CLICK HERE and book a FREE consultation call now!


Your 30 Second Guide to Recorded Messages

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Welcome to this week’s marketing minute tip.

Ever wondered how the top performers in your field manage to work so little and earn so much? They do this by keeping the lid on a secret they hope you never discover.

Toll Free Recorded Messages

You’ve heard me talk about them before, these short, professional recordings prospects can call into day or night to request your Special Report or white paper and be automatically added to your mailing list. But do you know WHY they work so well?

1. Because a toll free number that has the recorded messages is less threatening and free. Even if you use a local area code, statistics show people are still more likely to call a toll free number. We don’t know why. We just know that’s what the tests confirm every time and, we’ve seen hundreds of them.

2. Your recorded message is providing a consistent message every time. No chance that a new or untrained employee can deliver a message that is not consistent with what you want to convey.

3. You can be notified via text message or e-mail every time someone listens to one of your recorded scripts or when you have new messages.

4. You can view caller activity online and even see:
-> a. How long callers listened to your message before hanging up (so you’ll know what section of your message/script might need tweaking),
-> b. What area codes the majority of your calls are coming from (so you’ll know what area your advertising is having the biggest impact),
-> c. Determine which ads are prompting prospects to call you and which aren’t (so you can quit wasting money on advertising that isn’t working).

…and so much more!

Kind of makes you wonder why you haven’t been using this lead capture tool doesn’t it?

P.S – To Learn More Click Here to book a no-obligation consultation call with us NOW!