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Market Like a Pro with Alex Mandossian

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Do You Recognize…

FR: Mike Kowalski
RE: Electronic Marketing Tele-Training

Be sure you clear your calendar for this…

On Thursday, I’m co-sponsoring a
teleseminar training on how to boost your
profits and productivity utilizing the power
of “electronic marketing” and online media.

Do you recognize the 5 early warning signs
that make good entrepreneur great? If you
don’t, then make certain you join my friend,
Alex Mandossian for a training (See below)

If you or a friend want to listen, click this:
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You can access Alex’s unique 45-minute
tele-training during one or both of these
two convenient sessions:

Morning Session: 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern
Evening Session: 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

You even get a 2-page page “Action Guide”
that’s available for you to download now!

* * * Get Access to Alex’s Bonus Training * * *

If you’d also like as private access to a special,
advanced training at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern,
choose that option after asking your question:


To Your Success,

Mike Kowalski



*ATTENTION* Join Our Upcoming Webinar: 'Lead Generation On Steroids' Date: Thurs, Oct. 1st 2009 Time: 3:00pm EST

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“Keller Williams Only” webinar will take place on Thursday, October 1st. It won’t last longer than 45 minutes and you WILL learn some valuable Lead Generation tips and see the KW FULLY BRANDED SYSTEM we released at Mega Camp.

Just click this link www.KWWebinar.com to register today and mark your calendar.

If you need READY-TO-BUY-BUYERS or to create LAYDOWN LISTINGS then plan to be on the Webinar with us at 3:00 PM ET on the first of October.

Hundreds of Keller Williams agents took advantage of our system at Mega Camp and this is your opportunity to see it in action. You can even try it RISK FREE with NO OBLIGATION for 30 days following our webinar.

With the change in our industry, there has never been a more profitable time to grab MUCH MORE THAN simply your fair share. As Gary Keller says: “…with markets in their current state, who cares about FAIR share…with the tools you have at your disposal, you should be taking your UNFAIR share of available business right now.”

We had a special draw at Mega Camp for those that stopped by our booth and shared their business card with us. We’ll be giving the winner a full year subscription to our “Premier Lead Conversion System”. We’ll announce the Winner from Mega Camp on the Webinar.

If you missed Mega Camp, join us on the webinar and we’ll extend our 30 day “PAY NOTHING FREE TRIAL” so you can test our fully loaded system for yourself. Oh and by the way, just for attending you will receive FREE bonuses AND you will be eligible for a second draw for FREE SERVICE FOR ONE YEAR worth a value of $2,500. Don’t miss this very important webinar or your opportunity to obtain more wealth and freedom than you could ever imagine.



The 'Lead Generation On Steroids' Webinar



The ‘LEAD GENERATION ON STEROIDS’ webinar is only a few days away… HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET?

Join Us For Our Upcoming Webinar:
‘Lead Generation On Steroids’

Date: Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Time: 3:00pm EST

On this call you’ll learn how to:

  • Fill Your Sales Funnel FULL of Hot Qualified Leads without Making a Single Cold Call
  • Automate Your Lead Follow Up With Proven Systems
  • Test and Track Your Marketing Efforts So You Never Waste Another Penny
  • Obtain More Wealth and Freedom Than You Could Ever Imagine!

* Seating Is Limited!! *

Click Here

To Reserve Your Space!

“As a customer of Automated Marketing Solutions for over 6 years, I feel qualified to not only comment on their level of service, but to recommend them as a supplier to any agent desiring to move their marketing efforts to the next level. Their competence with the products they offer is unmatched in the industry as is their dedication to helping their clients achieve a higher level of both proficiency and success. AMS has been a key partner in my business and that partnership alone has made me well over a million dollars.”

Rick Brash,

Keller Williams Realty South


Master the Market of the Moment NOW! Sneak Preview for MegaCamp Attendees

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Mastering the MARKET OF THE MOMENT is probably the most important decision you can make as a Keller Williams real estate professional. With the constant rising inventories of Distress homes, REO’s, Bank Foreclosures, there has never been a more profitable time to grab MUCH MORE THAN simply your fair share. As Gary Keller says: “…with markets in their current state, who cares about FAIR share…with the tools you have at your disposal, you should be taking your UNFAIR share of available business right now.”

Getting in front of the most qualified, Ready-to-Sell Sellers and the most qualified Eager-to-Buy Buyers is the key focus of EVERY working real estate professional right now. Are you generating enough leads to take an UNFAIR share of the available opportunities out there?

Our Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, and Conversion systems get more prospects to the table faster, and at MegaCamp we’ll show you a completely customized Keller Williams solution that you can begin using immediately to attract, convert and keep in constant touch with your prospects. We’ve never offered a more comprehensive yet simple system.

Through our proprietary, engineered system, we’ve taken our proven marketing techniques coupled them up with the most effective technology tools then combined them with samples, copy and templates we know work, convert and bring repetitive business in the Real Estate industry, to provide you with a simple, “Done For You” solution.

Joining us at our booth at MegaCamp this year is one of your fellow Keller Williams agents and one of our long time customers, Rick Brash. During the breaks, Rick will be sharing how he has achieved tremendous success in his real estate business with these systems. Come visit us at booth number 606, listen to what Rick has to say and give one of our Premier packages a try. To get a sneak preview before you get to MegaCamp visit our website at


To your marketing success,
Mike Kowalski
Automated Marketing Solutions


Have You Ever Heard of Bill Glazer?

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Have you ever heard of Bill Glazer?

Just in case you haven’t he’s Dan Kennedy’s business
partner, one of the top Marketing Strategists in the world
and one of the highest paid and OUTRAGEOUSLY successful copywriters alive today.

In fact, he’s written 23 sales letters that have EACH
generated once one million dollars in sales.

If you’d like to get a copy of Bill Glazer’s most
OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL sales letter he’s ever written
and now used by business owners and entrepreneurs in 67
different business categories (online and offline) in
association with the launch of Bill’s JUST RELEASED new
book “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY
Successful” then click on the link below:

If you are ever dissatisfied with the results you get from
your advertising or marketing dollars than this is for YOU.
Plus you should grab a copy of his new book while you’re


PS: Do it NOW while your thinking about it….you won’t be sorry.



Rick Brash

Listen in as AMS interviews Rick Brash, a top real estate agent from Calgary, Canada. By implementing the AMS Hotline System, Rick increased his volume of hotline leads by over 2,308 in just 3 months. Read More


The Future Of E-commerce – Today!

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If you’re anything like me, nothing sounds better than a recessionary-proof income stream. The question is how can such a lofty, even mythological, goal be reached in these hard times? The answer is, with a more effective follow-up system.

You see, the biggest problem for entrepreneurs facing a recession isn’t so much that people are less willing to spend money on non-essentials, but that YOU have to work harder to get their attention.
Recent studies tell us it can take 10, 15, or even 20 follow-up messages for prospects to become first-time customers? The problem with that is, historically that’s meant sinking even MORE time and money into your business, usually when you can ill afford it.
While most providers limit you to 7 or maybe 12 auto-responders per product or campaign, AutomatedEcommerceSolutions.com’s Basic and Professional packages let you send UNLIMITED and CUSTOMIZED email messages to your prospects and customers … automatically while you sleep! In fact, our solution is so simple you can be set up with your own account within minutes AND spend less than 13 cents a day for the first month.
Your new recession-proof business is just one click away:
To your marketing and e-commerce success,
Mike Kowalski

Recession Busting Strategies

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Mike Kowalski from Automated Marketing Solutions and here’s something for you to consider…..
  1. Do you use the Internet to sell on?
  2. Do you have 1 hour to invest in your future?
  3. Do you want to eliminate current on-line marketing headaches?
  4. Do you want to turn more prospects into profits?
  5. Do you have a product or service that could be earning you a secondary income?
If you said “YES” to any of these then you must read on. Why? Because you’re just one click away from:
  • Unleashing a flood of unexpected income, and
  • Kissing the headaches and financial strain of a traditional business model goodbye
How is that possible? With the world’s smartest shopping cart software; a system that completely automates your e-mail marketing, Website sales, digital delivery, ad tracking, credit card processing, recurring billing, affiliate program, or any e-Commerce activity you can think of.
And here’s the best part. I’m so sure you’ll be hooked for life once you see this system that I’m offering a free trial for the insane price of $3.95 for the first month. That’s 13 cents a day.
If you’re ready to start earning a lot more in a lot less time, just click on the link below now to find out more about how the AMS E-commerce solution can get you moving on a new revenue stream or enhance the one you already have.
To your marketing and e-commerce success,
Mike Kowalski