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Tele-Promotion for Profits

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Here’s an important question:

During these turbulent economic times, are you finding it harder to keep a “Promotion” mindset?

If your head is nodding “YES”…

… then I have a unique and very affordable solution that will help you tranform a “shy” or “reserved” mindset into a “promotional” one!

You won’t even have to leave your living room or office to get access to this very special experience.

Grab your Mouse and Click Below:
Tele-Promotion for Profits

This will take just a few minutes out of your day, but what you’ll learn may last you a lifetime.

I’m giving this video my highest recommendation, so take a moment to experience the full story while it’s still fresh on your mind.

To Your Success,

Michael Kowalski
Tele-Promotion for Profits

P.S. If you want a 2nd opinion from your friends or colleagues, just forward this page to them because they’ll thank you for it!!


Monthly Newsletter

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Rumor has it that AMS is releasing something new this month.

Does keeping up with everything that’s new in marketing make your head spin? Are the old traditional ways of marketing not working for you? Change is a given and we know how important it is to stay on top of the ever changing ways of networking and communicating with our customers and prospects. AMS has been working hard to ensure that we provide information on proven lead generation and follow up systems and technology that help to keep businesses healthy and flourishing in this new economy.

That is why we have created a Monthly Newsletter which is crammed with marketing and niche expert interviews and articles, case studies, what’s new in marketing technology and who’s achieving great success and why. And there may even be a few things in there to keep you laughing while you’re learning!

Our Newsletter “Prospects To Profits Guaranteed” is being offered to all of our valued clients for free on a monthly basis. Help take your business in 2010 from Ordinary to Extraordinary! To access your first issue CLICK HERE.

To your marketing success,

Mike Kowalski
Automated Marketing Solutions

Happy Thanksgiving From AMS!

For the second year running, we’ve packaged this successful promotion in a “Done For You” package.

In just a second, we’ll walk you through the promotion in detail and how it’s implemented in other successful businesses.

The “DONE FOR YOU” Thanksgiving Promotion Includes:

  • A Special opportunity to order REAL Thanksgiving Postcards for as low as $0.75 each including postage!
  • Recordings of your voice sent out by an automated system to contact your clients with your message wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • An example of the message that you put on the card to boost your business after Thanksgiving, PLUS MULTIPLE OFFER EXAMPLES!!!
  • Exact “copy” of a typical Voice Broadcast script for you to use as a model for your own message.

YES!!! I Want To Learn More!

And it’s affordable!

The smallest business running this campaign to 100 people can have an effective campaign and only spend $119.00 Let me explain:

  1. You’ll choose your postcard design! We have multiple designs for you to choose from. The smallest order of 100 postcards including US Postage will cost you… Price: $99
  2. We’ll record your outgoing message! If you’re not comfortable recording your own script, we can record your message for you, delivered by professional voice talent the cost of $10.00.
  3. We’ll send out your campaign materials! Don’t waste your valuable time worrying about campaign timings and working with the materials. We’ll save you the work by using automation to schedule and ensure that everything works without a hitch. We will make sure that your voice message will be sent out for Thanksgiving by programming our automated system to take care of the calls for you. Price for 100 calls $10. Value: PRICELESS.

    YES!!! I Want To Learn More!

This Promotion is Time Sensitive.

Deadline to order is Friday, November 6th


Did You Miss the Keller Williams Webinar? Want the Replay?

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Thank you to all those who attended our speckial Keller Williams webinar yesterday! If you missed it or want to listen to it again, please find the replay posted at the link below.

Click Here To Listen to The Webinar

As promised on the webinar we held an additional draw for those that attended for free service for one year.
The winner was Donna Mattei-O’Brien.
Congratulations Donna, we look forward to working with you.
We hope you found the webinar informative. If you have any questions or would like further information please visit our webiste at or you can call us at 1-800-858-8889 and Press Extension 2.
Again, thanks for joining us on the webinar!

Market Like a Pro with Alex Mandossian

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Do You Recognize…

FR: Mike Kowalski
RE: Electronic Marketing Tele-Training

Be sure you clear your calendar for this…

On Thursday, I’m co-sponsoring a
teleseminar training on how to boost your
profits and productivity utilizing the power
of “electronic marketing” and online media.

Do you recognize the 5 early warning signs
that make good entrepreneur great? If you
don’t, then make certain you join my friend,
Alex Mandossian for a training (See below)

If you or a friend want to listen, click this:
Forward this to 2 friends

You can access Alex’s unique 45-minute
tele-training during one or both of these
two convenient sessions:

Morning Session: 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern
Evening Session: 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

You even get a 2-page page “Action Guide”
that’s available for you to download now!

* * * Get Access to Alex’s Bonus Training * * *

If you’d also like as private access to a special,
advanced training at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern,
choose that option after asking your question:

To Your Success,

Mike Kowalski


*ATTENTION* Join Our Upcoming Webinar: 'Lead Generation On Steroids' Date: Thurs, Oct. 1st 2009 Time: 3:00pm EST

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“Keller Williams Only” webinar will take place on Thursday, October 1st. It won’t last longer than 45 minutes and you WILL learn some valuable Lead Generation tips and see the KW FULLY BRANDED SYSTEM we released at Mega Camp.

Just click this link to register today and mark your calendar.

If you need READY-TO-BUY-BUYERS or to create LAYDOWN LISTINGS then plan to be on the Webinar with us at 3:00 PM ET on the first of October.

Hundreds of Keller Williams agents took advantage of our system at Mega Camp and this is your opportunity to see it in action. You can even try it RISK FREE with NO OBLIGATION for 30 days following our webinar.

With the change in our industry, there has never been a more profitable time to grab MUCH MORE THAN simply your fair share. As Gary Keller says: “…with markets in their current state, who cares about FAIR share…with the tools you have at your disposal, you should be taking your UNFAIR share of available business right now.”

We had a special draw at Mega Camp for those that stopped by our booth and shared their business card with us. We’ll be giving the winner a full year subscription to our “Premier Lead Conversion System”. We’ll announce the Winner from Mega Camp on the Webinar.

If you missed Mega Camp, join us on the webinar and we’ll extend our 30 day “PAY NOTHING FREE TRIAL” so you can test our fully loaded system for yourself. Oh and by the way, just for attending you will receive FREE bonuses AND you will be eligible for a second draw for FREE SERVICE FOR ONE YEAR worth a value of $2,500. Don’t miss this very important webinar or your opportunity to obtain more wealth and freedom than you could ever imagine.


The 'Lead Generation On Steroids' Webinar



The ‘LEAD GENERATION ON STEROIDS’ webinar is only a few days away… HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET?

Join Us For Our Upcoming Webinar:
‘Lead Generation On Steroids’

Date: Thursday, October 1st, 2009
Time: 3:00pm EST

On this call you’ll learn how to:

  • Fill Your Sales Funnel FULL of Hot Qualified Leads without Making a Single Cold Call
  • Automate Your Lead Follow Up With Proven Systems
  • Test and Track Your Marketing Efforts So You Never Waste Another Penny
  • Obtain More Wealth and Freedom Than You Could Ever Imagine!

* Seating Is Limited!! *

Click Here

To Reserve Your Space!

“As a customer of Automated Marketing Solutions for over 6 years, I feel qualified to not only comment on their level of service, but to recommend them as a supplier to any agent desiring to move their marketing efforts to the next level. Their competence with the products they offer is unmatched in the industry as is their dedication to helping their clients achieve a higher level of both proficiency and success. AMS has been a key partner in my business and that partnership alone has made me well over a million dollars.”

Rick Brash,

Keller Williams Realty South


Master the Market of the Moment NOW! Sneak Preview for MegaCamp Attendees

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Mastering the MARKET OF THE MOMENT is probably the most important decision you can make as a Keller Williams real estate professional. With the constant rising inventories of Distress homes, REO’s, Bank Foreclosures, there has never been a more profitable time to grab MUCH MORE THAN simply your fair share. As Gary Keller says: “…with markets in their current state, who cares about FAIR share…with the tools you have at your disposal, you should be taking your UNFAIR share of available business right now.”

Getting in front of the most qualified, Ready-to-Sell Sellers and the most qualified Eager-to-Buy Buyers is the key focus of EVERY working real estate professional right now. Are you generating enough leads to take an UNFAIR share of the available opportunities out there?

Our Lead Generation, Lead Nurture, and Conversion systems get more prospects to the table faster, and at MegaCamp we’ll show you a completely customized Keller Williams solution that you can begin using immediately to attract, convert and keep in constant touch with your prospects. We’ve never offered a more comprehensive yet simple system.

Through our proprietary, engineered system, we’ve taken our proven marketing techniques coupled them up with the most effective technology tools then combined them with samples, copy and templates we know work, convert and bring repetitive business in the Real Estate industry, to provide you with a simple, “Done For You” solution.

Joining us at our booth at MegaCamp this year is one of your fellow Keller Williams agents and one of our long time customers, Rick Brash. During the breaks, Rick will be sharing how he has achieved tremendous success in his real estate business with these systems. Come visit us at booth number 606, listen to what Rick has to say and give one of our Premier packages a try. To get a sneak preview before you get to MegaCamp visit our website at

To your marketing success,
Mike Kowalski
Automated Marketing Solutions