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Have You Ever Heard of Bill Glazer?

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Have you ever heard of Bill Glazer?

Just in case you haven’t he’s Dan Kennedy’s business
partner, one of the top Marketing Strategists in the world
and one of the highest paid and OUTRAGEOUSLY successful copywriters alive today.

In fact, he’s written 23 sales letters that have EACH
generated once one million dollars in sales.

If you’d like to get a copy of Bill Glazer’s most
OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL sales letter he’s ever written
and now used by business owners and entrepreneurs in 67
different business categories (online and offline) in
association with the launch of Bill’s JUST RELEASED new
book “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY
Successful” then click on the link below:
If you are ever dissatisfied with the results you get from
your advertising or marketing dollars than this is for YOU.
Plus you should grab a copy of his new book while you’re

PS: Do it NOW while your thinking about it….you won’t be sorry.


Rick Brash

Listen in as AMS interviews Rick Brash, a top real estate agent from Calgary, Canada. By implementing the AMS Hotline System, Rick increased his volume of hotline leads by over 2,308 in just 3 months. Read More


The Future Of E-commerce – Today!

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If you’re anything like me, nothing sounds better than a recessionary-proof income stream. The question is how can such a lofty, even mythological, goal be reached in these hard times? The answer is, with a more effective follow-up system.

You see, the biggest problem for entrepreneurs facing a recession isn’t so much that people are less willing to spend money on non-essentials, but that YOU have to work harder to get their attention.
Recent studies tell us it can take 10, 15, or even 20 follow-up messages for prospects to become first-time customers? The problem with that is, historically that’s meant sinking even MORE time and money into your business, usually when you can ill afford it.
While most providers limit you to 7 or maybe 12 auto-responders per product or campaign,’s Basic and Professional packages let you send UNLIMITED and CUSTOMIZED email messages to your prospects and customers … automatically while you sleep! In fact, our solution is so simple you can be set up with your own account within minutes AND spend less than 13 cents a day for the first month.
Your new recession-proof business is just one click away:
To your marketing and e-commerce success,
Mike Kowalski

Recession Busting Strategies

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Mike Kowalski from Automated Marketing Solutions and here’s something for you to consider…..
  1. Do you use the Internet to sell on?
  2. Do you have 1 hour to invest in your future?
  3. Do you want to eliminate current on-line marketing headaches?
  4. Do you want to turn more prospects into profits?
  5. Do you have a product or service that could be earning you a secondary income?
If you said “YES” to any of these then you must read on. Why? Because you’re just one click away from:
  • Unleashing a flood of unexpected income, and
  • Kissing the headaches and financial strain of a traditional business model goodbye
How is that possible? With the world’s smartest shopping cart software; a system that completely automates your e-mail marketing, Website sales, digital delivery, ad tracking, credit card processing, recurring billing, affiliate program, or any e-Commerce activity you can think of.
And here’s the best part. I’m so sure you’ll be hooked for life once you see this system that I’m offering a free trial for the insane price of $3.95 for the first month. That’s 13 cents a day.
If you’re ready to start earning a lot more in a lot less time, just click on the link below now to find out more about how the AMS E-commerce solution can get you moving on a new revenue stream or enhance the one you already have.
To your marketing and e-commerce success,
Mike Kowalski

Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever

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The ‘Elephant’ in the Room…

What is the ‘elephant’ in the room?

The elephant is…the economy.

And more specifically, the dreaded ‘R’ word – recession.

What’s going on?

Foreclosures are at an all-time high.

Banks with large portfolios of sub-prime mortgages are failing in record numbers.

Some of the biggest and most well-known brokerages and insurance companies are being either sold, taken over, or bailed out by the US government.

People are losing their jobs and struggling to pay skyrocketing gas and grocery prices.

With all of this confusion, Wall Street is reeling and investor confidence is shaken. And if that’s not bad enough, many so called ‘experts’ on the economy say the ‘sky is falling’ and it’s only going to get worse.

Is the ‘elephant’ affecting YOU and your business? Maybe. Maybe not.

As a matter of fact there is a better way to fight the ‘elephant’ in the room and since you’re one of my online friends, I’m happy to let you in on a ‘secret’.

DAN KENNEDY, the world’s #1 marketing consultant and best-selling author, has squashed his share of ‘elephants’ in the room over the past 30 years.

The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve convinced Dan to give you $613.91 of his BEST Money-Making and Marketing Information for FREE…but his is NOT an open-ended offer. Dan can only make this offer to a LIMITED number of people and once that limit is reached, the deal is history.

======> <======


But if you think the economy isn’t affecting your business, you might want to consider that your customers and prospects are being bombarded with ‘doom & gloom’ messages about how bad the economy is and the coming recession.

They’re hearing these messages day after day after day. And they’re probably having frequent conversations about the ‘elephant’ with their friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers too. The ‘elephant’ is a constant topic of stories on television, on the radio, in newspapers & magazines.

Surrounded by all this negativity, your prospects and customers can’t help but be affected. It’s human nature to react with caution and cut back on spending…or at least be more careful about what they spend their money on.

No matter how hard you try, unless you’re hiding under a rock, you can’t escape the ‘elephant’ in the room. So what do you do about it?

You could bury your head in the sand like an ostrich, ignore it, and hope you’re still standing when the dust settles…but hoping is NEVER a good strategy for success.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to be more proactive? Isn’t there a better way to deal with the ‘elephant’ in the room before it squashes you?

If you’re not familiar with Dan, let me give you the quick run-down. As a marketing consultant, he has worked hands-on with clients in 136 different product, service, and business categories.

In the information publishing field, he has literally guided hundreds of start-ups to multi-million dollar annual sales. And to be honest, studying Dan’s material has been largely responsible for my success.

He routinely commands fees of $19,000.00 per day for private consulting, $45,000.00 to as much as $75,000.00 plus royalties to write an ad campaign, series of sales letters or other marketing materials. Over 80% of all clients who utilize his services once opting to do so repeatedly. And he’s got people waiting in line begging to pay those fees because the value he delivers far exceeds the fees.

So please don’t delay. I strongly urge you to claim $613.91 of DAN KENNEDY’s best Money-Making & Marketing Information for FREE before it’s too late by visiting: before it’s too late.

P.S. The ‘elephant’ in the room is the economy. Don’t let the ‘elephant’ squash you or your business. And even if your business hasn’t been affected by the ‘elephant’ yet, wouldn’t it be wise to be proactive and be prepared BEFORE the situation changes?

+ To Claim $613.91 of Dan Kennedy’s BEST Money- + + Making & Marketing Information for FREE, visit + + +

+ ====> <==== +


DAN KENNEDY is the word’s #1 marketing strategist and a best-selling author. Dan has seen (and defeated) his share of ‘elephants’ over the past 30 years. Dan’s marketing strategies have worked for himself and his clients in some of the most demanding sales environments (like infomercials, insurance industry, and even recessions) with outstanding results…imagine what they’ll do for you!

Dan is giving away $613.91 of his BEST Money-Making & Marketing Information for FREE…but only to a LIMTED NUMBER of people so I urge you to ACT QUICKLY before it’s too late.

+ To see what all the excitement is about, visit: +

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Are You Ready To Stop Sacrificing Yourself So Others Get Rich?

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Let me ask you a couple of questions. If they may make you feel uncomfortable, that’s GOOD! The fact of the matter is your discomfort is your subconscious simply reaffirming that this just might be the case with you.

Let’s face it. We live in a NEW World. Not since the Dirty 30‘s have we seen the economic turmoil and unrest we see all around us today. This is not the world our parents grew up in. These are not the days that we go to work for a company and stay there for our entire career because we trust they are going to reward us in the future. Think of companies like Nortel, the Wall Street Traders and the Detroit Motor companies. No! These are the days of Bernie Maddox greed, massive housing foreclosures and uncertainty. And along with this a certain resentment sometimes for where we might be in our lives because of the circumstance we all find ourselves in. Time after time I keep hearing a common theme from people I speak with. After all of these years of dedication and hard work how could they cut my salary? How could they reduce the work week on me? How could they let me go?

Well, there is a certain reality we all have to deal with. Those companies that are just reducing salaries across the board and reducing work hours are trying to smooth the economic impact of these times and extend the companies viability until things get better. The ones that go under are unfortunate as is the impact on all of the people that made it what it was.

OK, the “poor us” part is over. The truth, if we choose to accept it, is the cup is still half full for all of us. And the good news is that this is not the world our parents grew up in. Today’s world is full of opportunity if you know where to look. All of us have skills, experiences, stories, ideas and maybe products that we can share and sell. The availability of the Internet provides us with a worldwide audience ready to see what we have. And the presence of Internet buying and selling technology means all of us are just one step away from ridding ourselves of resentment working to make others rich by working on our future.

So the decision is yours. Are you ready to free yourself from your current economic reality?

You can start small by simply generating a small additional income stream that gets you through the rough spots and grows over time with your new ideas to replace and exceed what you can make today. It can happen with little to no overhead and staff.

Interested? Then have a look at the different e-commerce or Shopping cart software solutions. With nothing more than a mouse click, people interested in what you have to sell can become your newest client. Of course, like everything else, there is a bit more to it. BUT with the imagination and desire to become your own employer, your ideas and today’s technology can make it possible more quickly.

Interested in learning more about freeing yourself with
E-commerce Solutions?
Click on
and see how you can get into business for 13 cents a day.

About the Author: Mr. Graham has worked in the Technology world at a senior level for over 30 years. He has taught Marketing and Technology at both the secondary and college level and consulted to marketing companies on both direct and indirect marketing response techniques.


In Case You Missed It

Monday’s replay of our 3rd Monday of the month call was again another successful look to the Real Estate market today.

If you didn’t have a chance to get logged into this insightful call, might I suggest you take a moment to go through it, and gain knowledge to what Rick Brash (Craig Proctor Coach and Team Leader of The House Calls Group) has known for years now!  Learn about a number of new techniques that you can use to make your Hotlines work harder and more effectively for you than ever before. And that’s so important when we look at the state of today’s economy.

Simply register through the link provided below, and remember that because this is a encore presentation their may be references that do not necessarily reflect the current time and date.

Yes! Grant Me Access to the Encore Presentation of AMS’ special “Interview with Rick Brash” (previously recorded November 2008)


Your FREE Pass For Recession Proof Marketing

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Want more leads, sales and customers? Concerned about growing your
client/patient base and retaining your current customer/patient relationships
in this new economy? Not bringing in the leads and fresh prospects you need?Tired of working too hard for too little? Well you’re not alone!

But, don’t panic! Don’t give in to the constant bad news and
anxiety surrounding the economic slump. During times like these it’s more
important than ever to make sure that your marketing dollars are used

Thankfully, there are many ways to keep your business healthy and wealthy
into 2009.

I’d like to invite you to a FREE half-day seminar in Toronto hosted
by Automated Marketing Solutions. We’re happy to sponsor and present
Martin Wales, The Customer Catcher™ on Thursday, February 26th from 9
a.m. to 12 noon.

There’s NO cost to you. It won’t cost you a thing to attend
this content rich, strategic seminar that could easily be worth hundreds of
thousands of dollars to you!

…and order the tickets you need. You’re welcome to bring any
friends and associates that you think would benefit too.

Martin Wales is a respected author, columnist, talk-radio and TV
personality. His media & publicity expertise is featured in
Guerrilla Marketing On The Front Lines and
The Success Secrets of the Online Marketing
, both #1 Best Sellers on Amazon. You’ll also
find him in Walking With The Wise Entrepreneur along
with coauthors Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Harvey Mackay and
Donald Trump.

Martin’s not just a media personality, he’s well versed
in sales and business development. Starting as a salesman, he quickly became VP
Marketing of a $26 million communications technology firm within four short
years. Since then, through his private consulting and coaching practice, he has
handled and succeeded with budgets both large and small.
Attend this free half-day seminar and you’re guaranteed to take away
strategies and tactics you can use today, like how to:
  • STUFF your sales funnel FULL of hot qualified prospects
  • STICK strategies to stay in touch with your prospects and customers
  • Use PROVEN done-for-you, no-fail, Lead Generation and Follow Up
  • AUTOMATE and leverage both offline and online marketing
  • MULTIPLY your web site traffic and productivity and…
  • … much more!
Simply click on this link to register, right now.

Claim your FREE ticket and you’ll be given all the details. Let us
help you rise above this economic crunch and make this your best year

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,
Michael Kowalski
Automated Marketing Solutions
P.S. Don’t delay, REGISTER NOW. Tickets are limited to 100 people!

Join us January 19th, 2009 at 3PM ET for A Live Call With Craig Proctor!

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Join Us for Our 1 Hour Special As We Interview Craig Proctor LIVE!

Mark your calendar for January 19th 2009 at 3pm Eastern Time where Craig Proctor will discuss with you how he, and his many students over the years, have had overwhelming success using his systems with AMS Hotlines. Craig will be responding to your most pressing questions that have been submitted through!

Just click on the link below to register your questions for this exciting upcoming call!