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Does Your Advertising Arouse Emotions?

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As we go about our daily lives we are constantly exposed, if not bombarded, with messages and advertisement trying to get our attention. And not just to get our attention but to keep it long enough for us to take interest in what it is the sponsor wants to share with us.

The end result of all of this exposure is that we have become resistant and sometimes immune. It affects every aspect of our lives. When we watch the news, listen to the radio, read papers and magazines; no matter what the media, we pay close attention to only those things that are of interest to us in our daily lives.

We eliminate entire sections of a newspaper; we seek out specific sections on local news, weather and many search out the Sports Page above all else, men and women! We have been forced to become selective. Given all of this conditioning the chances of penetrating anyone’s advertising flak-jacket might seem small. But there are techniques today that are effective and work consistently.

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Does Traditional "Brand" Marketing Work?

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Historically we have all grown up with certain brands and images that evoke, in some cases, nostalgia. We can all image dreamy days on a summer beach reaching for a cold drink from our COKE Cooler. It was red and had a white bottle cap on it. Tony the Tiger served breakfast to many of us. Hertz was gliding our parents into the driver’s seat of a brand new rental car.

These were big companies with big advertising budgets. We knew their names, recognized their images and we responded accordingly. But not every business is able to make it on Image Advertising.

Image Advertising and Name Recognition Do Not Make Telephones Ring!

There is a definite gap between how the large companies address their market and how most businesses must address theirs. It is vitally important therefore to understand this delta and be able to accommodate and address it.

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