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Dan Kennedy attaches $5k worth of FREE bonuses to every purchase

Make Them Buy Now Ultimate Sales KitMake Them Buy Now.

Those four words are what it’s all about.

HOW do you get a prospect to commit to buying from you? HOW do you trigger the necessary emotions that will make them pull out their wallet? HOW do you ensure they’ll not only buy from you now – but also in the future?

Dan Kennedy, of course, is the master of the concept. He hasn’t only studied the psychology of selling – he’s put it into action, learning from his vast experience what works and what doesn’t.

In his new product, the Make Them Buy Now Ultimate Sales Kit, he’s assembled an incredible amount of invaluable information and put together the specific hands-on tools every marketer needs to…well, Make Them Buy Now.

At midnight tonight, he’s closing the cart on sales of Make Them Buy Now. That’s already bad news for those of you who haven’t bothered to even check out this awesome product.

But here’s even worse news…if you don’t buy by midnight tonight, you’re going to miss out on over $5000 worth of free bonuses Dan has attached to every purchase of the Make Them Buy Now Sales Kit.

Find out more about them here.

Here’s a quick rundown. When you buy the Sales Kit, you’ll also get:

  • A FREE ticket to the GKIC Info-Summit this November (Value: $2990)
  • A “Selling to the Affluent” Exclusive Info-Package (Value: $891)
  • Boosting productivity and profits – exclusive reports by Dan Kennedy and Tim “4 Hour Workweek” Ferriss (Value: $592)
  • Creating Extraordinary Sales Assets – DK Report and Audio (Value: $458)
  • Mastermind Group Secrets – DK Report (Value $199)

As I said, that’s over $5k in freebees…and this special offer goes away TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT.

Make Them Buy Now. When you unlock that secret, you unlock your own success for years to come.

Find out how to make that happen here.

To your marketing success,
Mike Kowalski
President & Founder
Automated Marketing Solutions

P.S. - If you don’t buy, I hope you’ve found the free information Dan K. and his crew have provided over the past couple of weeks valuable. You should know that only represents the tip of the iceberg, however. Go here to find out more.

P.S.S. - How would you like to receive $633.91 of free money-making marketing and sales information from Dan Kennedy and GKIC? Claim your FREE GIFT HERE!

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