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Dan Kennedy cracks Secret Sales Copy Code, revealed in a free new video

This might seem a bit weird but I want to share with you an email that Dan Kennedy sent to HIS list about his new video.

First, it is crazy powerful and probably offensive to some which is okay. You can’t create marketing that works and try to please everyone.

Second, it shows that Dan actually does what he teaches.

There is a ton you can learn from this so just don’t read it, STUDY it.

Make sure you check out the video he talks about in the email. It’ll help you uncover even more moneymaking lessons.


Subject line: Academic egghead, B.S.

Dan Kennedy here with a new video for you.

As I expected, some people were offended by my first video where I talked about the 7 triggers of mind control.

I guess this was too “manipulative” and offended their sensibilities. I’d also guess these folks couldn’t sell their way out of a wet paper bag.

So much the better for you and me.

In today’s video, I take it a step further by revealing the architecture behind sales and marketing messages in print, video, online, offline – whatever, that gets money in the bank.

This is NOT is not “theory” spewed out by academic eggheads who never had to sell a product or service in order to eat.

This IS what works in the real world to get people to buy whatever it is you’re selling and buy now.

It is what I use and what my customers and clients use to get rich. (Those who have the stomachs to actually use it.)

It can do the same for you.

Watch this video now with pen and paper in hand.

Dan Kennedy Reveals the Secret Sales Code!

It is THAT important to your success


Dan Kennedy

P.S. These videos are only going to be posted for a LIMITED TIME. Click Here and watch now, before it’s too late.

PPS. If you’re paying close attention, you’ll see what I did just there. Yeah, I practice what I preach. So should you.