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The system takes care of everything and it’s backed by a powerful Iron-Clad, No-Wiggle-Room,

Hassle-Free, Double Guarantee detailed below…

30 Day No Risk Guarantee
At Automated Marketing Solutions, all of our services come with a complete 30 Day, No Wiggle, Iron-Clad Guarantee! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason within the first month of service, just let us know and we will refund ALL of your money (minus usage).

No Commitment Guarantee
There is no obligation for a long-term commitment. If at any time you decide to cancel your package, simply provide us with 30-days written notice, and we will cancel your contract.

Select The Hotline Package
That’s Right For You!

Lead Generation
$97/Activation $39.95/Month
Multi-Lead Generation
$97/Activation $49.95/Month
$97/Activation & $49.95/Month
1 Toll Free Recorded Message Hotline System With Unlimited Toll-Free Usage 1 Mailbox For Single Script 1,000 Mailboxes 1,000 Mailboxes
Types Of Advertising This Hotline Used For Single Product

General Voice Mail System

Multiple Products/Services Multiple Products/Services
Notify You When A Message Is Left Yes Yes Yes And Notify The Agent
Listen To Your Messages Online Yes Yes Yes
System Can Notify You To Contact Lead / Client Directly Yes Yes Yes
Name And Address of Prospect
Reverse-Directory Look-Up
Yes Yes Yes
Automated Follow-up Lead Client Management System Yes Yes Yes
Campaign Manager
Send Postcards/Newsletters/Special Reports Automatically
Yes Yes Yes
Automatically Collects Leads And Stores them In A Central Database Yes Yes Yes
Sequentially Follows-up With All Your Leads / Clients Via Regular mail And Voice Broadcasting Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Marketing & Tech Support
(A Staff of Over 30)
Yes Yes Yes
30 Day No Risk Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
Long-Term Contract Or Commitment No No No
Price (All prices quoted in US Dollars) $97 Activation
$97 Activation
$97 Activation
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