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Lead Management System

When you review all of the different marketing tools available from AMS, you will notice that they all have significant benefits as a standalone capability. Now imagine if you were able to have one system manage them all?

Well, that’s the power of the AMS Lead Management System or LMS. It is the key to your marketing success. We refer to this capability as putting your marketing on autopilot.

As we have mentioned before, the key to successful marketing is delivering the right message, in the right format, at the right time, in the right sequence and with the right medium. It is the ability to have access to reports that tell you how successful you are being. It is the ability to never loose a customer or a contact lead.

Lead Management System

To accomplish this on your own would require a level of support not practical for most small to medium sized companies. And besides, it’s not your strength. Your key to being successful is partnering with a company who has this strength.

Benefits of The Lead Management System

With the AMS’ Lead Management System, you will consistently, regularly and AUTOMATICALLY accomplish the following and send out:

  • Free Reports
  • Special Articles
  • News Bulletins
  • Postcards
  • E-mails
  • E-zines
  • Newsletters
  • Special Announcements
  • Special Promotions
  • Flyers
  • Any promotional material you can imagine.

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10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
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LMS will capture all of the contact information from customers going to your Hotlines and store it. It will then begin a process of automatic follow up without you making a single phone call or having to go to the Post Office.

Your Voice Broadcasting will leave personal messages all scheduled and sent automatically through LMS. It will report back to you on your success so you don’t miss anyone.

You can contact your entire customer list or any part of that list with just one phone call that you recorded days or weeks ahead of time. You are working when you sleep or when you are on holidays with the family. When shorter messages, not requiring a personal touch are required, LMS will forward on a Fax Broadcast or send Post Cards on a scheduled basis.

Again, it will let you know if your faxes do not reach your customer so you can again take steps to ensure your retention. Your reports will prove to you when the best time is for you to deliver your message so that you can not only deliver on the right day, but also at the right time! Reports are telling you what adds work and which do not. They are telling you the most effective medium to deliver your message in.

LMS stores all of your contact information and marketing schedules. Its on-line accessibility and ease of manipulation means you can adjust or change you program easily and at your convenience. Or you can have AMS do it all for you. The multiple database capability allows you to store a variety of messages with different messages for each one. And no maintenance is required on the customer’s part if they don’t want it.

The final benefit is it allows all of this to happen in a non-threatening way. You gather information, keep in touch and build a relationship without actually speaking with your customer or lead unless they want to. You grow your relationship on multiple levels with new prospects gaining their trust before you ever speak with them, let alone shake their hand.

Your Web presence gives you instant credibility with your existing and new customers and contacts. The web gives you access to thousands of potential customers you could not reach through other means as well. It separates the tire kickers from the real clients so the leads you do get have already pre-qualified themselves to you.

Get Your Free Report:
10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
Using A Lead Management System

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