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ASK Rick Brash Webinar Replay Now Available!

Did You Miss It?

Rick Brash Generated 3,766 Calls on His Hotlines in Just 3 Months! More Importantly… He Made $243,558.65 Commissions In That 3 Month Period!

Check out our replay of the ASK Rick Brash Webinar. Rick addressed the Top 5 Questions asked by you and share a number of ideas and secrets on how Hotlines have been a huge contributor to his success.

Take Me to the Replay

Rick has been featured on AMS’ BONUS USB’s that are offered exclusively at the Craig Proctor SuperConferences. Don’t miss your opportunity to find out how Rick has experienced over-whelming success using Craig Proctor’s systems with AMS’ Toll Free Recorded Message Hotlines.

I’m Ready to See the Replay

Here are some of the topics we covered:

  • Review of how hotlines work and why it is still so important to be using them
  • Rick has become a master of replicating and teaching Craig Proctor’s Fundamental Real Estate Marketing Lessons – On this Webinar he will map these out for you
  • He’ll explain how studying and knowing your MLS and YOUR local market will help you by giving the prospect EXACTLY what they want
  • Rick will show how to generate Grade “A” leads with meaningful conversations using the hotline system
  • How the Hotline system will replace up to three assistants
  • Key elements everyone should pay attention to when it comes to creating marketing scripts
  • Understanding the effectiveness of your marketing and tracking your ROI…
  • Roll Call for lead follow up using Craig’s Universal Call Back Script

This was NOT a sales call! We purely offered one of Craig’s Best Coaches for an hour!

Take Me To The Replay!!

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